Oscar 2014 Noms: The Whys and the Why Nots

OscarsFor this film blogger, the Oscars are like Christmas to an 8-year-old: people want to know what you think and what you’re looking forward to; what you did/said six months ago matters more than it should; and there’s one big magical day on the distant horizon – a day when you hope all the wishes on your list turn from fantasy to fact. Yes, yes, the Oscars. A glamorous night where, as a civilian member of the plebes, I am free to mock the over-glammed starlets who haven’t eaten in weeks while I sit in my pj’s with a tub of poutine and fast-forward through commercials. Bliss.

In preparation for the Evening Bedazzled with Rhinestones, I’m offering my opinion on today’s  list of nominees (hereby referred to as “noms”). Who’s a shoe-in, who shouldn’t be there, and which movie The Academy picked as a joke. No predictions, just honest opinions. Feel free to add your own down below.

First item on the docket: Christian Bale (American Hustle). Atta boy! You deserve that Best Actor nom! From the accent to the weight-gain his con-man was a work of art. Christian Bale American Hustle

And as for the ladies? You go Sandra Bullock (Gravity)! Sandra Bullock Gravity

But – what’s this? Where’s Naomie Harris (Mandela)? And what happened to The Butler? Remember back in the fall when we thought The Butler was an instant win? Well, what would the Oscar noms be without a little surprise and a touch of “really?”

For the infamous Best Picture category (the one that forces you to stay up past your bedtime) you can’t really be disappointed with these nominations. After all, there are nine of them. I like the increased numbers – it fits better with the everyone’s-a-winner world I grew up in – but it really does look like The Academy is just listing all 2013 dramas… every one except maybe The Butler.

One noticeable absence I see on the list is the fan-favourite, blockbuster, record-breaking hit, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Whhhhere are you?? My Twitter voice is hoarse from this subject, but Catching Fire AT LEAST deserved a Best Makeup and Hairstyle nom! It’s not like the other nominees are obviously better candidates! I mean – I mean – BAD GRANDPA!? Is that a JOKE? For crying out loud, CoverGirl designed a collection after Catching Fire! I argue it deserves a nom for Best Costume Design too! What are the other films in this category? American Hustle, The Grandmaster, The Great Gatsby, The Invisible Woman, and 12 Years a Slave. Because I live in a one-horse town, The Grandmaster wasn’t in theatres here for very long (if it ever was) and I think The Invisible Woman is yet to be released. Still, judging by the trailers, I’d like to see Catching Fire challenge those two on the runway ASAP.

Costume Design

As for the “little” stuff, I’m SO happy to see Gravity in Cinematography and Sound Editing. I don’t think I knew what sound editing really was until I watched that movie. What an experience. And in terms of cinematography, you can only marvel at the sense of sublimity from those unforgettable shots. But hey, Prisoners is up there too, so, you know, good for them.

Urgh, I’m really peeved about that Hunger Games snuff. It’s Harry Potter all over again. Maybe we need a category for “teen drama”. There’s an animated category, it’s not that far of a stretch. The lobby group could bring Jennifer Lawrence on as a spokesperson. The Academy loves JLaw. In any case, I’m just pleased to see that The Wolf of Wall Street isn’t on the list for Film Editing.


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