We’re the Millers Don’t Ch’ya Know

We're the Millers posterIt’s a comedy.

Really, that’s pretty much all you need to know. David (Jason Sudeikis) makes a deal with a drug lord to smuggle goods across the Mexico/US border. In order to look less conspicuous, David creates a fake family with his stripper neighbour, Rose (Jennifer Aniston), his awkward teenage friend, Kenney (Will Poulter), and a homeless girl, Casey (Emma Roberts), and pays everyone to act like they’re on a family vacation…and that their RV isn’t stuffed to the nines with marijuana.

The “Millers” fight, bond, let their true colours shine, and then fight again… and bond again. It’s a classic family road trip comedy only made ‘original’ by the fact that none of them are related. The Millers show very little development, and the supporting characters are so stereotypical they’re practically puppets.

As for the jokes, I will admit, when I laughed, I laughed. They may go for the obvious (cliché deadbeat boyfriend jokes and below-the-belt humour), but Sudeikis and Aniston have a great on-screen relationship and pull the gags off well. Unfortunately these jokes don’t happen very often. Rose, the stripper, slips into the ‘mom’ role way too easily and thus loses great opportunities for being an outrageous, way-too-comfortable-with-herself kind of mother. And David is such a self-centred character, it’s just not funny to watch him stress about missing the big payday. One funny consistency I will mention is that, according to this film, all RV-ing families are members of the ‘I Love Flanders Club,’ and all speak with some kind of howdy-do accent. Whether it’s Minnesota or Georgia, We’re the Millers plays with the idea that family RV trips are reserved for perky, you betcha, okely dokely adventurers.

Take away the clichés, introduce some character development, and don’t wait for a “ba dum ching!” after every gag and We’re the Millers might be a better comedy. As it stands, it’s more the kind of movie I would pick for a slumber party: the kind where you could disappear to make a batch of cookies and return without the fear of missing something important. Jennifer Aniston does do a wicked strip tease, which is a damn fine you-go-girl moment, but most of the film just kind of falls flat. It gets a 5/10 from me because it’s a solid “meh” on the how-was-it scale.

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