The Shut-in and the Snow Day

Frozen poster

With the winter we’ve had, I was going to wait until spring to watch Frozen, but boy am I happy I didn’t. This film is not only visually pleasing, it’s also funny, catchy, and adorable. I was hesitant at first because the talking snowman in the trailer is what the kids call “lame.” But in reality he’s kind of like a Wizard of Oz Scarecrow: no brain and dimwittedly hilarious. If you think you’re too old to see Frozen, I strongly suggest you find a child (preferably one who has permission to be with you) and see it. You won’t be sorry.

The characters are wonderful. Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) is as happy-go-lucky as they come. Her sister Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel), however, is sorting through some issues. She was born with icy powers, and while Anna thinks this is the COOLEST, Elsa’s lack of control leads to anxiety – and accidents. For Anna’s safety, she’s forced to forget her sister’s gifts, and is left confused and lonely when Elsa, afraid of her Frozen little Annacurse, shuts herself off from the world. Fast-forward some ten years and Elsa, the ticking time bomb, has left her self-imprisonment to attend her coronation. Inevitably, she loses her cool, freaks out, runs away, and unintentionally plunges her kingdom into perpetual winter. It’s now up to Anna, the naive go-getter, to find Elsa and convince her to thaw their polar vortex.

There are songs. Whoever is in charge of composing these songs, I congratulate you. They’re funny, they’re modern, and they are catchy. The geniuses behind Beauty and the Beast lived by the conviction that a song should only be in a movie if it can express a situation better than dialogue. There should never be a song for the sake of Frozen Olafhaving a song. Mostly, Frozen’s music follows these guidelines – their songs move the plot forward – but I can’t say this is always the case. It’s not that I didn’t like the music, it’s just that the amount of sing-along opportunities made this film a borderline operetta.

And the singing. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Anna… if I live my life as a complete shut-in for 16 years, will I develop a voice so beautiful that baby animals will gleefully hop into the palm of my hand and start harmonizing? What makes Frozen a little different from its predecessors, however, is that the songs’ classic Disney melody is the backdrop to lyrics like, “I’m somewhere in that zone” and, “we finish each other’s sandwiches”.Frozen Elsa

In all, Anna and Elsa are wonderful additions to the Disney princess family. Like Rapunzel in Tangled, they know what humour is, they’re adventure-seekers, and they haven’t quite got the hang of social protocol. What’s new is they can (eventually) laugh at Disney tradition of marrying its 16-year-old daughters off to strangers within a week of their first meeting. Handsome or not, you don’t know his bathroom routine… Frozen is a beautiful and creative film, with absolute care taken to every detail. Let’s be real: it’s started a movement. There are so many details on screen that it’s worth watching more than once. (Badadum Let it gohh mmhmgo!) My cold, frozen heart gives Frozen an 8.5/10. So chill out, settle in, and enjoy the snow- I mean show.


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