Crotch Shot Deadpool

Deadpool posterJust when you thought the superhero club was filling up with more of the same, in waltzes this mildly intoxicated, self-satisfying, narcissistic waffle. The Marvel/Fox tag team tried something different this time around and focused on everything fans love about this not-quite-but-almost-honorary X-Man. As such, Deadpool isn’t afraid to be as obscene as necessary and break as many molds as possible – much to the guilty pleasure of its violently loyal fan base. It takes pot shot after pot shot, skewering everyone and everything that’s been at all relevant over the past 10 years – much like Ricky Gervais hosting an awards show. No one is safe. No jab can go too far. And we are eating it up.

The world is full of despicable men worth threatening/ maiming for the ex-special ops soldier, Wade Nomiddlename Wilson (Ryan Reynolds). Although quite handsome, his other redeeming characteristics draw up a short list – but Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) seems to like him so I guess he’s alright. Vanessa and Wade match each other’s unique brand of crazy and seriously hit it off – until Wade is knocked over by a nasty diagnosis of terminal cancer. His only chance of survival and a future with Vanessa is to follow a mysterious, suited man into the shadows Deadpool Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarinand sign up for a torturous procedure that will unlock his recessive mutant gene. Other than Wade’s horrific deformity, the destruction of the facility, and the murder of countless innocent people, his procedure is a joyous success! Wade emerges with extraordinary healing abilities and a wicked case of full-body, moon topography acne scaring. His only chance to win Vanessa back (and not traumatize her into years of therapy) is to don a mask, adopt a code name, and find the one man who can smooth over his un-CoverGirl-like situation: Francis (Ed Skrein).

For Deadpool, the fourth wall doesn’t exist. It’s just straight up not there. If he wants to talk to us/ insult us/ draw our attention to a flashback or fantasy, he will do so without giving a rat’s ass for the laws of cinematic physics. Ergo, our “real people” world is a playground inDeadpool drawing which Deadpool can openly mock everything relevant to nerd culture today. It doesn’t matter a wink that Fox produced this movie. Their past failures are easy targets for this filter-less rambler, along with stabs at Deadpool’s budget and even some pokes at Canadian born, three-time hero attemptee, Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool spends a great deal of time vocalizing what every internet troll has been nitpicking for years. The difference is (…I hope) that Deadpool does so while maiming, shooting, or death-wedgieing hired goons.

Aside from all the fourth wall shattering comments, Deadpool is firmly grounded on two principals: ego and violence. Wade is an anti-hero, performing good deeds only because he likes money and drinking isn’t cheap. He’s also a hell of a fighter who sees little difference between asking questions first or pulling out the sword and worrying about that later. The result is gratuitous violence mixed with fearless humour. Of course Deadpool Deadpool Negasonic Teenage Warheadtakes it a little too far, but that’s kind of his tune; he really doesn’t know what a line is, let alone where he crossed it. This reviewer found the unique blend of serial killer/ sarcastic investigator/ tabloid-reading seamstress utterly HIlarious.

The biggest shortcoming in Deadpool is its story arc – meaning there really isn’t one. We start somewhere in the middle, jump back, then pick up in the middle again, before once again bouncing back, and then skipping along in the general direction of the end. Because of all these layered throwbacks the main story feels squished and lacking detail. While I appreciate a format that breaks the linear outline, a little more meat in the middle and end would have been appreciated.

This is not a movie to take your kids to. Not unless your kids are over 18 and you’re comfortable with sex jokes at the dinner table. The Merc with the Mouth is what happens when fans (backed by diehard actors and filmmakers) nag a studio so relentlessly they have no choice but to obey. And the result is magical. Obscene, gory, pornographic, and vile – but so magical. Deadpool takes all previous superhero movies and, in the most insulting way possible, heaps them into a flaming pile to sit upon their ashes like a throne. As a non-standard comic book movie that made this fan laugh her socks off, Deadpool is an 8.5/10.

Maximum effort.


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