March Movie Marathon 2014

Movie MarathonI’ll admit it: I like movies. And yes, sometimes I watch several in long, unhealthy doses. Especially during these cold, forbidding months. Like the groundhog who takes one look at the frigid perils of outside and says, “See you suckers in six weeks!” I am retreating to my comfortable, insulated home to tick off some films on my Must-Watch list. It is with great enthusiasm that I therefore announce this year’s March Movie Marathon! From Monday March 10th until Friday March 14th, I will review five films from my ashamed-to-call-myself-a-movie-lover-without-ever-having-seen-these list. So, with a clean selection of sweatpants, a Costco-sized box of popcorn, and a pre-made butt-groove in the couch, I settle in for a week of watching, critiquing, and procrastinating from life.

Monday: Casablanca

Tuesday: The Godfather

Wednesday: Chariots of Fire

Thursday: Top Gun

Friday: Braveheart


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