Rating Scale Defined

I have received a request to clarify my scale of 1 to 10. This makes total sense. For all you know, 1 means we should riot outside the production studio, while a 10 means we should worship the film as a new religion and devote our lives to spreading The Word.

First, I have to preface this scale by explaining that each film I give a score to is marked in relation to its genre. So, a 10 for a comedy means it was (in my opinion) a perfect comedy. I’m not comparing this 10/10 comedy to Les Miserables  or Citizen Kane. What makes the movie “perfect” is explained throughout the rest of the review.

So here is my scale from 1 to 10 explained:

1: Don’t watch it. Don’t even look at the cover. These movies were made in radioactive caves by aliens who don’t fully grasp our human ways.

2: 2’s feel like a 10-hour flight where the turbulence is so bad they stop serving drinks. It’s a survivable but not entirely pleasant experience.

3: In summary, a 3 is “not so great”. These films had limited potential and none of it was met. But, 3’s can be great picks for a rare I-want-to-watch-a-bad-movie night.

4: Unlike a 3, these movies have potential, it’s just sad because this potential was totally squandered. Most reviews of 4’s end with a  line like, “It could have been good if only they’d…”

5: A 5 is right in the middle of good and bad. When I give a 5 it’s because I am completely torn on whether or not I liked it.

6: “It was OK”. Plain and simple. No wows, but no ughs either. 6’s are movies I’ll consider watching again but rarely do.

7: Now we’re getting somewhere. 7’s are like that time you went swimming and the water was just a touch too cold. “Refreshing” is a good word for it.

8: These films fit beautifully within their genre. They are enjoyable and, most importantly, re-watchable.

9: Potential classics. These movies speak to the generation. There’s something special about them that stands out above the others.

10: Mind-blowing. 10’s make you think about life in a whole different way and often generate violent epiphanies. They can change your very soul.

Hopefully this list clears things up a little. If you have any requests concerning movies you’d like me to review, more explanations, or other pages you’d like to see up in the menu, don’t think about asking, just ask. Write a comment on a post or send me a tweet!


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